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How To Keep Stress Levels Down When Moving Internationally


Moving to another country can be completely life-changing. As a result, you're likely to feel a good deal of stress as your moving day approaches. To ensure the experience is more enjoyable and less stress-inducing, follow these tips.

Hire an international moving company.

A good portion of your stress likely comes from worrying about how you're possibly going to get all of your possessions to your new place. Dealing with customs, making sure things get to the right address, and ensuring items are not damaged during transportation are major concerns. By hiring an international moving company to move your items, you can let go of these concerns. International moving companies specialize in getting items past customs and to their new homes in one piece. It's their specialty -- whereas it is something you've probably never done before.

When hiring an international moving company, look for one that regularly does business in the country you are moving to. This ensures that they are well-versed in that country's importation laws. A good moving company will give you a guide as to what you can and cannot pack well in advance of your move, so you are not left in a lurch when you suddenly find something you packed won't make it through customs. This also eliminates your need to do extensive research in this regard -- you can spend that time on other moving-related tasks, shortening your to-do list.

Pare down your possessions prior to the move.

Have you ever noticed that the more things you have, the more you worry? Have you realized that after you clean out a closet or give extra things away to charity, you feel more relaxed? The relationship between stuff and stress is never more pronounced than when you're about to move. Use the recently popular minimalist lifestyle as inspiration, and pare down your possessions well in advance of your move. You'll have fewer things to worry about transporting -- and the cost of your move will be less, which should alleviate some of your money-related worries.

Paring down your possessions does not mean just giving away the pants that don't fit you anymore and the broken coffee mugs you've been holding onto for years. It means getting rid of anything that won't be essential in your new life. Are you moving to a warm climate? Get rid of your sweaters and jackets. Are you moving to an area where public transit is the norm? Sell your car, rather than paying thousands to ship it. The less you keep, the fewer worries you'll have.

Ask your questions, rather than letting them eat at you.

What, exactly, is worrying you? Are you worried you'll have a hard time making friends in your new country? Are you worried about adopting new customs? Instead of continuing to worry about these things, find some online forums frequented by others who have moved to the country you'll soon be calling your own. Ask your questions, and read through others' answers. People who have already been through what you're going through can give you a more realistic idea of what to expect and can put your worries at ease.

Plan ahead as much as you can.

If you have a more concrete idea of what your first few weeks in the new country will be like, you'll have an easier time not worrying about them. Plan ahead for these weeks as much as possible. Research places you want to visit, events you want to partake in, and clubs you want to become involved with once you arrive in your new location. Knowing that you won't just be stuck in your new home, sitting alone, is comforting. You can even join online groups for expats living in the country you're moving to and make plans to meet some of the members in person once you arrive. Most will be more than happy to welcome you and help you settle in so you feel like you're part of a family and larger community right off the bat. Knowing there will be people there for you when you arrive can be very reassuring.

Moving to a new country is no small feat, and you're certainly going to experience some stress along with way. With the tips above, however, that stress does not have to be overwhelming and overpowering.

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28 January 2016