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My kids are pretty spaced out in age. I have two teenage boys, a 7 year old boy and a sweet toddler for a girl. I spend a small fortune buying the kids the things that they want so I want to be sure to get as much use out of it all as possible. My blog is all about using a storage unit to keep things around the house organized and keep your kids interested in the toys that you have spent your money on. You will find tips for storing clothes to be handed down to the younger kids and so much more.

Ensure Safe, Regular Access To Your Storage Unit While Settling Into Your New Home


Maintaining a storage unit is a great way to hold onto stuff that you need access to after a move and while settling into your new home. But without a plan and a little commitment, it can be overwhelming to keep things organized enough for safe and convenient access when visiting your storage unit. And because you won't likely be checking on your stored belongings daily, it can be challenging to make sure everything stays in optimal condition. The good news is that you can avoid any potential damage to your stored stuff and make sure that access to the unit is both safe and convenient until you can get everything moved into your new home. Here's how:

Utilize the Walls

Choose a storage unit that is large enough to stand and walk around in so you can line the walls with utility shelves and store your stuff off the floor. This will help to keep your boxes from wilting and belongings from getting wet or excessively dusty. Your shelves can be used to separate belongings based on their uses to make things easier to find and access when they're needed quickly.

For example, kitchen stuff can go on the top shelf and clothing on the bottom so you know where to narrow your search when looking for something specific. It's a good idea to label each shelf with what can be found on them to make identification of needed belongings easy with a scan of the eye.

Code Your Boxes with Color

By color coding the boxes that your belongings are being stored in, you should have a clear idea of what can be found inside each one without having to rummage through them in order to find exactly what you need – this is especially helpful for those in the family who don't visit the storage space often. Start by packing each box with similar items. For example, one box should be filled with only kitchen appliances, while another is filled entirely with sewing tools and yet another with jewelry or bathroom accessories.

Use permanent colored pens or stickers to mark each box based on what's in them – kitchen boxes can be marked with yellow, living room boxes with green, and bedroom boxes with purple. If they will be stored on the floor of your storage unit, use reusable plastic boxes to keep everything clean and safe from damage. Cardboard boxes should work well for stuff being stored on shelves or on top of tables and other furniture.

Choose a Temp Controlled Environment

The best way to make sure that your belongings stay in great shape while they're stored away is to invest in a climate controlled unit. These units are designed to minimize the accumulation of moisture and mold, and also ensure that the air doesn't get too dry throughout the year. Many climate controlled units are built above flood levels to ensure that you never have to deal with flood damage.

Additionally, most climate controlled units are located indoors to keep temperature levels consistent, reducing mugginess and the chance of mold damage development. In fact you should be able to control the temperature inside your storage unit so that everything from jewelry and books to paintings and antiques are kept safe and sound all year long.

Each of these techniques should be easy to make use of, and when incorporated in combination with one other techniques, access to everything you need is sure to be convenient and safe. Consider getting your family involved in the prepping and storage process if they'll be sharing the responsibility in managing the space while you are using it.

For more tips and storage options, contact a local moving and storage company, such as Midway Moving & Storage.


8 February 2016