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My kids are pretty spaced out in age. I have two teenage boys, a 7 year old boy and a sweet toddler for a girl. I spend a small fortune buying the kids the things that they want so I want to be sure to get as much use out of it all as possible. My blog is all about using a storage unit to keep things around the house organized and keep your kids interested in the toys that you have spent your money on. You will find tips for storing clothes to be handed down to the younger kids and so much more.

How Hiring A Moving Company At The Last Minute Can Help You Stay Organized And Sane


If you have procrastinated preparing for your upcoming move and are now worried because moving day is less than a week away, you may want to give in and pay a moving company to help you get the job done. Moving is stressful, but it can be beyond stressful if you have put off packing and planning until the last week. If you can locate a moving company that offers last-minute services, you will not only have the ability to accomplish this move on time, but you will also have a better chance of staying organized and sane. Here are some tips to help you achieve these goals.

Pay The Movers To Pack, Move, And Unload Your Things

The first thing to understand is that it can be almost impossible to pack up an entire house and get moved within one week if you are working alone. This is why it makes more sense to hire a moving company, especially if you are in a big rush. The goal of this is to pay them to do the things you really don't need to do or have time to do, and there are three main things you can pay them to do:

  1. Pack – A professional moving company can pack a three-bedroom home in around seven hours. This is because they have the manpower, skills, experience, and equipment to do this job quickly. If you tried to do this, it could take you weeks or longer.
  2. Move – Once they pack everything for you, they will move it to your new place.
  3. Unload- When they arrive, the moving company can unload your things for you, and they can even assemble your furniture for you if you would like. In addition, they will place all the boxes in the correct rooms in your home, because they will take the time to label each box as they pack it.

If you can eliminate these three duties from your responsibilities, you will have all the time you need to do the things that no one else can do for you.

Focus On The Steps You Must Accomplish

Before the movers arrive to pack your things, you will need to handle one big task. This task may take you an entire day or longer, but it is an important step in the moving process. What you will need to do is sort through all the things you own, and you should pay careful attention to areas in your home you have not touched in a long time, such as your closets.

The goal of this step is to get rid of everything you do not want or need. As you do this, you could make two big piles. One pile could be for items that you want to donate or give away, and the other pile will be for trash. Once you are done, let the movers know that they can pack everything except these two piles. You will then need to throw all the trash out and find a place to donate your other things to.

After doing this, you can use all your remaining time to accomplish all the other tasks needed for a move, and here are some of those things:

  • Clean your new home and the home you are moving out of
  • Transfer the utilities to your new home
  • Change your address and have your mail forwarded
  • Make arrangements for your pets during your move
  • Pack an overnight bag with the essentials you will need for your first night at your new home
  • Move any items the moving company will not move, such as flammable goods or food items

Hiring a moving company is the best way to get moved really quickly. This will eliminate stress, and it will free up time for you to get everything done you must do. To learn more about moving services, contact a moving company today.  


14 June 2016