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My kids are pretty spaced out in age. I have two teenage boys, a 7 year old boy and a sweet toddler for a girl. I spend a small fortune buying the kids the things that they want so I want to be sure to get as much use out of it all as possible. My blog is all about using a storage unit to keep things around the house organized and keep your kids interested in the toys that you have spent your money on. You will find tips for storing clothes to be handed down to the younger kids and so much more.

Good Reasons To Rent A Moving Truck That Don't Involve Moving


While trucks are a popular choice for those who are shopping for a new vehicle, a large portion of Americans do not currently own one. Some of these households do not want the extra expense that owning a truck would incur, while others see no need because they rarely haul anything bulkier than groceries and pet food. When they need to relocate to a different home, they simply rent a moving truck or hire a moving company to do the work. These families may be surprised to learn that, in addition to moving, there are some times in life when hiring a moving truck can be a very wise idea. 

Setting up for a wedding or large gathering

While most services that offer the supplies necessary to entertain guests at a large wedding offer delivery services, there may be fees or scheduling issues with the potential to add unnecessary costs or create delays. A better plan may be to rent a small moving truck or van and use it to pick up all the supplies you need. In addition to having everything in one location for easier inventory and planning, knowing that they are safely stored in a locked, watertight van can help relieve some of the stress involved in planning the event. 

Picking up/dropping off furniture and appliances 

Families who are planning to drop off old furnishings and appliances at a charity or consignment shop or to pick up new ones from the store can find that renting a van or moving truck can be a good choice. In addition to saving money on delivery fees, moving trucks with lift-gates to do the heavy lifting are typically available for rent, as well as furniture and appliance dollies and protective pads to prevent marring or damage. 

Making the seasonal switch 

If, like a growing number of households, you have a rental storage unit where you keep seasonal clothing and seldom-used items, renting a moving truck twice a year can be a huge time saver. Instead of cramming your backseat and trunk full and making trip after trip, you can take a load of stuff to the storage shed and bring back everything you need for the coming season, all in one round trip. 

When considering renting a moving truck, look for any special deals that may be available. For instance, some moving truck rental services offer a reduced price if you rent the truck during the week instead of on the weekend. 

To learn even more good reasons to consider renting a moving truck, even though you are not moving, contact a moving truck rental service in your area today. 


26 June 2019